International journal of the society of iranian archaeologists

Instructions for Contributors

  1. Manuscripts must be written in English for international publication standards.  IJSOIA will offer all necessary editorial assistance to ensure that the English text is clearly written and grammatically correct.  If you wish to have your text reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief or editorial staff prior to submission for scientific review, to ensure clarity and to correct any difficulties with English grammar and spelling, please notify the Editor-in-Chief in your ‘cover letter’ when you submit your paper.
  2. If you go to the site and log-on you will get a user name and password and will be able to submit your paper.
  3. You do have to submit the entire manuscript at once; PLEASE INSERT ALL FIGURES AND TABLES IN THE TEXT.
  4. When you submit the manuscript, the most convenient format for text is MS Word.  The most convenient formats for figures is “jpg”,
  5. SI (Metric) units must be used.
  6. Please consult recent articles published in IJSOIA for details concerning format and journal style.  Accepted manuscripts will be edited to conform to journal practice. Any questions should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief.
  7. A list of all references, in alphabetical order, should be written out in full using no abbreviations for the publication titles, and should follow the style of the Journal.
  8. Figures (diagrams, photographs etc.) should be submitted with lettering large enough to permit 20% reduction.  The maximum size of the final printed version is 249 x 172 mm.  All scales should be in metric units. All photographs should be numbered as figures. Please do not number the photographs separately as Plates. All tables, page numbers, and figure numbers should use Arabic numerals.
  9. Digital photographs submitted must be at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.   Digital photographs that include annotated text must be submitted at a minimum resolution of 500 dpi.  For digital figures, please ensure that colour fills will be distinctive and contrasting if printed in black-and-white.  Reproduction costs for colour photographs will be determined by the Publisher, in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief.


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